• Living and working citizens within the operation site of horizontal directional drilling are not disturbed;

  • During horizontal directional drilling activities there is a lack of congestion of borehole and transport construction equipment and street and entrance blocking;

  • Low levels of noise, dust, mud, pollution and vibrations during horizontal directional drilling operations;

  • A higher level of personnel safety on the construction site and the society, due to the fact that there is a lack of massive boreholes, land embankment and construction equipment traffic;

  • The fewer number of borehole and transport operations, as well as the necessary destruction remediation operations afterwards have a strong social effect during horizontal directional drilling method, called “mole”, without digging;

  • Financial and economic advantages are avoidance of expensive conventional borehole operations and a total decrease in construction time, since it is not necessary to perform any essential remediation costs.


  social sciences