Drilling mud

A special drilling mud is to be used when performing pilot horizontal bore and every subsequent withdrawal of the pipe. This material is of a significant importance for the successful operation of the machine when drilling in different types of soil.
This drilling mud consists of water and bentonite solution, and it is extremely harmless and eco-friendly. It performs a wide variety of key activities during the drilling process and pipe withdrawal for pipeline installation. Some of the most important are as follows:

  • It supports the bore walls in order to prevent borehole collapse;
  • It provides lubrication for the drill string;
  • It cools down the drill head and enlarging reamer;
  • It helps to transport middling slime;
  • The pressure of the drilling mud serves as an additional cutting tool;
  • Other activities, providing durability, stability and reliability of the horizontal drilling.


Polyactive substances

It is necessary to use polyactive substances in cases when there are horizontal drilling activities in areas with more unstable soil types, powerful subterranean waters or other adverse circumstances. Their role is different and it depends on their content. The drilling mud quality depends on the quality of the bentonite used and its density. It is determined, with an expert opinion, depending on the soil type, the stage of horizontal drilling operations and possible drilling complications.

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Drilling mud