Vermeer Horizontal Directional Drills Logo Vermeer 24x33 is equipment for horizontal drilling which has the capability to install pipes with 550 mm in diameter. The pipeline can be installed from either polyethylene or steel pipes. The maximum length of horizontal drilling is 200 m. This machine is more productive and efficient when horizontal drilling construction is implemented within smaller diameters and it is beyond comparison with the conventional drilling technology. Vermeer 24 x33 has a guided drilling spindle torque, directed with a guidance system of DCI company.

Vermeer 24 x 33 Specs::

  • Horizontal drilling length – up to 200 m.
  • Drilling diameter – up to 500 m.


Drill Stem 10'
Engine John Deere 115HP
Fuel Tank Capacity 159 L
Height 81" (205 cm)
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 208 L
Length 3.0 m
Length 224" (569 cm)
Make and Model John Deere
Manufacturer's Gross HP Rating @ 86KW with 2.50RPM:115 HP
Max Carriage Speed 43.9 m/min
Max Spindle Speed 178 RPM
Max Spindle Torque @ 178 RPM:3385 Nm
Min Bend Radius 31.1 m
Min Bore Diameter 8.9 cm
Pipe Diameter 5.2 cm
Pullback 10,886 kg
Pump Output 42 GPM
Rod Carrying Capacity 440'
Thrust 10,886 kg
Torque 3300 FT-LB
Weight 29 kg
Weight (Operating weight)17,000 lb (7711 kg)
Width 59" (149 cm)