The horizontal directional drilling method is A RAPID, PRECISE, CLEAN AND PROFITABLE MODERN SOLUTION!

The Horizontal Directional Drilling Method (HDD) is also called Guided Boring, Micro tunneling and horizontal hammering (pneumatic moles, hammers, etc.). The horizontal drilling method is a precisely guided process – it is possible to construct horizontal drilling within up to 0.1 % of the dimensions prescribed by means of the directional drill method, which allows the technician to locate and control constantly the operating drilling parameters.

  • Horizontal directional drilling is a relative newcomer to the environment industry in Bulgaria for pipeline installment without digging.

  • Horizontal directional drilling has developed and spread rapidly, and has established itself as one of the best methods because of its eco friendliness, practical and minimum damages to the environment.

  • Horizontal directional drilling is successfully applied at locations with complicated infrastructure, as well as locations where it is impossible to dig or it is not preferable – under crossroads, buildings, rivers, asphalt roads, railways, bridges, motorways, when designing building junctions, park facilities, etc.

The method of Guided Horizontal Drilling without Digging, with minimum or without any digging activities of channels, possesses a wide variety of application within all building activities such as:

  1. Water supply – convalescence of old Water Supply and Sewage pipelines (thrusted and gravitational) or installment of new ones without digging.

  2. Gas, gas supply, central heating system

  3. Installment of thrusted and gravitational sewing and drainage lines without trenching and digging.

  4. Channels of communication pipelines for protection and safety of power cables for high, medium and low voltage, as well as TV, optical, telephone and other telecommunication cables.

Drilling Construction Ltd. has at its disposal the latest technology and drilling equipment for horizontal directional drilling. Highly qualified personnel, which has experience in various difficult and sophisticated infrastructural and construction sites not only in the town of Plovdiv but all over the country, works for the company.

Drilling Construction Ltd. offers short implementation terms of horizontal drilling activities on construction sites with minimum damages to the environment and infrastructure.